Catering service

Our Quality

Pure nature and a
warm sun come together
on your plate bringing flavours that
are original and healthy.
We replace traditional mayonnaise and
butter with natural, healthy olive oils and

We search constantly for creative
combinations of healthy vegetables,
cereals and natural produce - with
us you can eat with
no regrets!"

Special needs?

Virginie, the chef of
Be Healthy, understands
the needs of those requesting
special menus for allergies or food
intolerance, low gluten, low
lactose, eggs...

Vegetarians are particularly
spoilt with our
special menus.

Cocktails and standing diners

Chose from 2 styles : Either a finger buffet or each dish served on a small square plate with a fresh fork for each serving.

Starts from € 20 per person (*)

Hot and cold buffets

With each season we offer seasonal flavours and colours... and for each buffet we introduce new dishes and exquisite combinations – it is never the same twice.

Cold buffets start from € 18 per person (*)

>Menu of June

Hot buffets start from € 22 per person (*)

Seated dinners

Choose from our original or classical dishes... starters, main course, deserts, you to choose for your own events

Starts from € 25 per person (*)


Our sandwiches are not heavyweight! Chez Be Healthy we use only light home-made bread with very healthy and original fillings. No mayonnaise but full of vegetables and always a surprise for your taste buds.

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Break your fast with us

Breakfast with Be Healthy is a healthy way to keep in-shape : orange juice and fruit, yogurts, cereals, bread, coffee and tea.

Standard breakfast

- Large thermos of coffee, tea
- a selection of 2 mini pastries (croissants, pains au chocolat, danish pastries)

€ 4 exc. VAT per person without tableware, or € 3 exc. VAT per person with tableware.

Possible extras

- Nespresso machine and capsules + € 0,50 exc. VAT per person
- Mixed or tropical fruit juice + € 1,20 exc. VAT per person
- 1 mini pastry + € 0,75 exc VAT piece
- 1 organic fruity yogourt + € 1 exc. VAT piece
- 1 seasonal fruit + € 1 exc. VAT piece
- Verrine of scrambled eggs with smoked salmon + € 1,50 exc. VAT piece


Assortment of petits fours, individual tarts ou big tarts of the day.

Formule 1 : Assortment of petits fours (3 per person)

mini éclairs, lemon pie, raspberry tart...

€ 4 exc VAT per person

Formule 2 : individual tart (1 per person)

raspberry, lemon, Tatin, molten chololate cake

€ 4 exc VAT per person

Formule 3 : big homemade tart (for 8 people)

€ 18 exc VAT